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Modern Services
For Modern Companies

Every company requires a unique marketing approach to best target its customers. Modern Earth has decades of marketing and sales experience to draw on as we develop a marketing strategy that works for you. As we see it through the implementation phase, we’ll establish some measurable goals so you’ll know that you are getting the best return on your marketing spend.

Branding Services


Build a memorable brand with design services from Modern Earth. Logo design, sites, standards, and colour all play a part, and we can craft it to deliver your brand message.

Site Design

From simple to large, from promotional to functional, from basic to spectacular, Modern Earth will deliver a website that fulfills your business goals.


Hosting services are delivered through our parent company. 100% WebHost is the largest independent hosting company in Winnipeg. Support local with the most reliable and knowledgeable website host around.


Pursuing better search engine rankings means boosting your inbound links, following good technical practises, and having content that is relevant and authoritative. Fortunately, we deliver all of that.

Email Marketing

Believe it or not, email blasts are still one of the most effective advertising methods available. We can help grow your email list and develop emails that convert your audience into customers.

Online Advertising

Google ads, Facebook ads, Youtube advertising, Video production; we’ll show you how to get the best bang for your marketing dollar.