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Picture Yourself on Our Team.

Current Opportunities

Modern Earth is currently considering applications for web development specialists with WordPress experience. This is a full-time remote position, so some experience or basic familiarity with the tools is helpful. An ability to work independently and prioritize your tasks is a must.

All Opportunities

Even if your area of expertise is not currently listed above, we definitely appreciate the value of a good generalist, and may also be planning future hires for which you may be a fit. To that end, we are interested in collecting resumes featuring some of the following skillsets, though we do not expect them all from the same individual.

  • Marketing
    • SEO, SEM, & PPC advertising
    • Social media & email marketing
    • Content marketing & copy writing
    • Image editing sofware (Photoshop, InDesign, GIMP, etc.)
  • Development
    • PHP & MariaDB (MySQL)
    • Strong HTML & CSS skills, SAAS
    • Javascript
    • WordPress theme & plugin integration
    • WordPress development with PHP, Javascript, and WP-CLI
    • Coding by hand in the text editor of your choice
  • Maintenance & Support
    • WordPress maintenance & troubleshooting
    • Web hosting support with cPanel, (s)ftp, and email
    • Familiarity with Linux server environments
  • Linux System Administration
    • WHM installation & configuration
    • OS installation, RAID configurations, & KVM virtualizations
    • Linux environments including Ubuntu, RedHat / CentOS, Alma
    • DNS & routing including Linux routing
    • BASH scripting
    • Working knowledge of a language like PHP, Perl, or Python & MySQL or MariaDB

Our Environment

Describing what our environment is like and what kind of people work well within it should prove more helpful than resorting to overused words like “fast-paced” and “self-motivated.” The following should help determine whether you fit within our culture and work environment without second-guessing the terms.

Modern Earth operates in a distributed workplace, with each team member working remotely while staying in touch regularly throughout the day. This is not a pandemic-driven fallback for us, it’s what we’ve done by design with our parent company, 100% Webhost, since we founded it in 2012.

Most of our full-time team members are based in Winnipeg MB or in the Central time zone. Some team members are further afield, but all real-time team communication is based on Central time in the Americas. Since Modern Earth uses Agile development principles, some familiarity with these concepts is helpful.

People who excel in our environment are ones who enjoy figuring things out, hacking a little, and learning how things work in order to devise a solution. Some design sense is important in all roles, though pure design skills are not a hard requirement for development roles. Some of our roles are task-oriented, moving relatively quickly from one to the next and dealing with many clients during the day, while others are more project-oriented, keeping the larger picture always in mind while usually working on only one or two client projects during a typical workday.

Our kind of people love what they do, and naturally work at keeping current and learning new things in their field — not simply “for work” but because they find it genuinely interesting. We encourage every team member to progress in their expertise, sharing what they’ve learned with each other. It is our expectation that everyone gradually works their way toward becoming a senior resource in their area.

At Modern Earth, we value open source software and avoid vendor-locking our clients as an ethical imperative.

What’s Important to Us?

Experience is important to us, but we will train the right people. The ability to actually do the job is more important than an education credential that claims you can. For us, a good cohesive fit with the team is, if anything, even more important. When you apply, feel free to tell us a bit about yourself, maybe mention a favourite hobby or passionate interest outside of work, whether you speak any other languages; let us know who you are. Of course, we also want to see some work samples, portfolios, and representative project descriptions, depending on the type of role you’re looking for, in addition to all the regular resume materials. You can include web links, but documents should be submitted as PDF versions.

We look for above-average communication skills, both written and oral, and for people who pay attention to details. Grammar and spelling count in every role. All roles within the company involve client contact to some extent, so some soft skills are important in these exchanges. Team members need to be able to clearly communicate ideas, even when the topic is conceptual or technical.

If you believe you’d be a good fit for our team, reach out and tell us why. For some functions, we will accept subcontracting arrangements from freelancers, but if you simply pitch us on outsourcing everything to your SEO or development services, we will delete it, with prejudice. We get enough spam like that already.

Think You’re a Fit for Us?

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