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Year End Clean-up (2023 Wrapped by 100% Modern Earth)

Year End Clean-up (2023 Wrapped by 100% Modern Earth)

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In Case You Missed It —

The following is the text of a newsletter we recently sent to our clients and subscribers. If you aren’t on the list already, you can subscribe below; you’ll find the messages are not over-frequent and the list is not shared.

Thanks for being with us in 2023.

I’m in the midst of the annual ritual culling of emails. If I didn’t deal with something in 2023, then maybe I won’t do it in 2024 either.

Filing away an email is a self-admission. A lot were sent to me by automated systems, but not all. For the human-involved ones, the person on the other end of the email already knows that I didn’t respond, so it’s just me that needs to deal with it now. First order of business is the cruft and the newsletters that I kept so I could read later. Later was a while ago, so either read them and delete them, or just delete them. Those emails that are waiting for a reply – reply now or make a plan, or admit that you never will.

There are only a few items left in my inbox from 2022. Those are the ones that I kept because I thought they would be useful in the coming year. Now only one of those items is worth keeping a little longer. But I had better make a plan for it, otherwise it too will be in the delete pile before long.

A lot of us tend to take this time of year, when the calendar is running out, to plan the next year.

So this brings us to the matter at hand, a plan. For no reason in particular, a lot of us tend to take this time of year, when the calendar is running out, to plan the next year. The truth is we could do this on any day, but in the spirit of new year’s resolutions and of “making this my year,” we tend to plan to start things January 1.

So I want to encourage everyone who has thoughts, questions, or simply the desire to do well in 2024, let us be part of that. The 100% Webhost team and Modern Earth team are eager to start new projects in the new year, and we would like to do them with you.

  • Manitoba Data Residency – we are the largest website host in Manitoba.
  • Ecommerce – regardless whether you are in a pack-and-ship industry, you need to get your customers to reach out to you online. You can let them book an appointment or add to cart, or what have you.
  • Online Marketing – get new people looking at your website. Expand your circle.
  • Web and mobile apps – we build portals that can incorporate your own business rules and procedures. Let your customers self-serve when they want to. Enable and empower your team.
  • Website refresh – every website has more mobile device traffic than desktop computer traffic. This is true in all industries. Make sure you are visible.
  • Universal access – technical design principles allow your site to be viewed and navigated by people with visual or physical impairments or other needs that you may not consider.

2024 is a few days away. Start Something.

Get the next one sent straight to your inbox.


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Year End Clean-up (2023 Wrapped by 100% Modern Earth)

by Scott Toderash Reading Time: 2 min